Faith (wickedslayer) wrote in bdh_ooc,

Oh it's a mod conversation isn't that exciting

I am just posting this conversation concerning Spike and Tara verbatum out of sheer lazyness.

wickedstah: are we leaving the fate of Spike in BDH up to Nora?
Maeg o My Eggo: what does the character want to do? Rachel?
Maeg o My Eggo: or did she leave?
wickedstah: Rachel said she doesn't care, but she is leaving...backpacking across Europe
Maeg o My Eggo: damn.
Maeg o My Eggo: hmmm
Maeg o My Eggo: let's have Nora act out Tara/Spike killing Brother #2, and then Brother #1 (who I am probably gonna have to take over) will come and kill Spike in revenge.
wickedstah: Ok, I'm going to post this idea and see what Rachel and Nora have to say about it? Cause that sort of leaves Tara high and dry
Maeg o My Eggo: perhaps Brother #2 will take Tara in.
Maeg o My Eggo: err #1
Maeg o My Eggo: even.
Maeg o My Eggo: perhaps... unvamping her and making her immortal.
Maeg o My Eggo: have her be torn between good and evil.

Nora, what say you?
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