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Disappointing update from Maeg.

I am currently in the process of quitting all my RPs and only hanging onto my one on ones. Yeah I know it may be shitty of me to do but the waiting game of waiting for people to tag and become invested in a group is killing my writing. One on ones move slowly at times but then I only have myself to be disappointed in when I don't tag for a couple of days. I don't feel like writing, which is a bad thing, so rather than let that happen I am chosing to pack my bags gracefully and exit stage left. So Cordelia will need to be replaced.

I can stick around until replacements are found if need be. If Jenna still wants to be mod of this group she can keep it as her baby, otherwise you all can hack it out as to who wants the reigns.

Thanks and thanks for letting me play, I've had a good time.

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