Faith (wickedslayer) wrote in bdh_ooc,

Alright, I guess I'm technically the only mod left here at big_damn_heros so maybe I should act like one or something.

Are we still alive here? I know this place has always run really slow which is cool by me because I'm in a million games and I know you guys are too. But, are we still alive? I haven't heard anything from our new Spike (you with us, Cat?), and I know that Caytlyn was taking a break from RP but you never put anything in this OOC, should I assume you're sticking this one out?

I am fully prepared to temporarily Fordy myself, people! Are we alive or not? If we're not that's cool I'm not going to be pissed or anything, I'd just like to know. Ya know?

Love and Kisses,

Jenna, Faithy and Queen C
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